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What is organisational psychology, and what value can it bring?

Even the most efficient organisations can benefit from the science of organisational psychology. But what exactly is it? What value can organisational psychologists bring? And crucially, as consulting organisational psychologists, how do we deliver measurable improvements in performance, productivity and profitability?

Organisational psychology is…
There are many ways to define organisational psychology, and it’s fair to say the ‘organisational’ in the term is a little misleading.

Yes, it’s about improving organisations or, more specifically, organisational effectiveness – performance, productivity, profitability – but it’s the people within an organisation that ultimately determine its effectiveness.

Consequently, organisational psychology is the science of people at work, with the emphasis on ‘people’.

What does a consulting organisational psychologist do?
There is no simple or standard answer to this question, because every organisation is unique, with unique problems that demand unique solutions to improve organisational effectiveness.

Broadly though, a consulting organisational psychologist will analyse an organisation – its structures, processes and its people – and then devise strategies to inspire and improve recruitment, motivation and the development of the organisation through the individuals within it.

A top-down approach to improving the bottom line
While many of the solutions we design and deliver as organisational psychologists are focused on improving the wellbeing and work experience for individuals and teams, a big-picture perspective is the key to making tangible improvements to organisational effectiveness.

As such, we work at all levels throughout an organisation, from top to bottom. Only then can we bring the proven science that underpins organisational psychology to bear on the often complex web of interlinked issues that affect individuals and, therefore, organisational effectiveness.

The science of improving organisational effectiveness
At Kaya, we draw on proven psychological research and tried-and-tested technologies, methodologies and strategies to improve the way people think, feel and behave at work.

It’s a scientific approach that ensures we deliver measurable improvements in your organisation’s culture, performance and reputation among clients and your industry’s talent pool. More than that, it ensures those results can be replicated in increasingly cost effective ways.

So while organisational psychology and the notion of enhancing workplace trust, relationships and morale may initially feel vague, the solutions and improvements we deliver as consulting organisational psychologists are tangible and quantifiable.

Find out more about the five-point methodology we’ve developed to analyse and address any organisational effectiveness challenge. Read about the real-world stories that demonstrate the value of organisational psychology. Alternatively, let’s talk about your unique workplace and organisational effectiveness challenges.

Jan Sipsma is an organisational psychologist and founding partner of Kaya. With over 20 years of international experience as an organisational effectiveness consultant, he specialises in strategic planning, organisational architecture and design, change management, capability and performance enhancement and the identification and development of leadership. He has a Masters of Commerce (Industrial Psychology) cum laude and is a registered member of the Australian Psychological Society.