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How we apply our expertise in the most effective way

How we apply our expertise in the most effective way

When you talk to our team, you’re tapping in to decades of organisational psychology and effectiveness expertise. But without a framework for the application of all that knowledge, it isn’t likely to achieve the improvements in individual performance and collective productivity that you want. That’s why we’ve established a clearly defined yet fluid methodology – to ensure we apply our expertise in the most effective way for your organisation.

Explore our fluid, five-step methodology

  • We have a suite of survey, assessment and questionnaire tools that we use to develop the understanding we need to create highly targeted organisational effectiveness programs and interventions. Read about the Discovery Phase.
  • With the Discovery Phase complete, we use our knowledge of the issues affecting your organisation’s performance and productivity to design a solution specifically for your organisation and people. Learn about the Design Phase.
  • The organisational effectiveness journey is an ongoing one that unfolds and evolves with your people, so it’s important that the solutions we provide also adapt and evolve. That’s why it’s so important to deliberate alternatives.
  • Delivering organisational effectiveness solutions is as much about personalities as it is professional capability, which is why we tailor our team to complement yours. Find out about how we establish trust and maximise ‘buy in’ during the Delivery Phase.
  • Finding the most effective way of improving organisational effectiveness is an organic process of review and discovery. Ascertaining the value of our interventions is therefore vital. Discover why determining the effectiveness of our solutions is the key to sustainable improvements in organisational effectiveness.

Want to see how our methodology works for our clients? Read the real-world stories that demonstrate the value of organisational psychology, or talk to us about your unique workplace and organisational effectiveness challenges.

Jan Sipsma is an organisational psychologist and founding partner of Kaya. With over 20 years of international experience as an organisational effectiveness consultant, he specialises in strategic planning, organisational architecture and design, change management, capability and performance enhancement and the identification and development of leadership. He has a Masters of Commerce (Industrial Psychology) cum laude and is a registered member of the Australian Psychological Society.